Why We Were So Proud To Show Off Our Identity At MAPIC

Europe | 23.11.2016

The MAPIC real estate conference always sees a few show debuts – new retailers, new developments, new contacts… For Harper Dennis Hobbs however MAPIC 2016 marked the first ever year we have taken a stand.

We have of course been out in force at MAPIC for years. With our focus and expertise as international retail agents we couldn’t not be, and so trade shows have always been an obvious and fertile meeting ground to do business and build relationships.

We have grown very successfully and our team has expanded significantly over the last five or six years.

We have continued to seek out and find exciting new retail names for whom we have helped build high profile store portfolios or launch into new markets.

This year we decided it was time to finally take a stand at MAPIC and proudly show off exactly what we do. It also tied in nicely with our brand refresh and gave us a chance to get our name even better known as a leading retail agent in the UK with a truly global reach.

We had hesitated initially about whether having a stand would dampen the discovery, entrepreurial spirit that is at the essence of Harper Dennis Hobbs. But it didn’t. We were still out and about hunting out potential new clients and catching up with existing ones.

Only now we had a nice stand to entertain them at too.

We realised that actually the spirit in which we approach these conferences is in our DNA. It’s part of what we do and who we are. What taking a stand did do however was allow us to shout a little more proudly and loudly. It gave us impact and a true presence. We will certainly be taking a stand from now on. I don’t know how we can go back from that.

By James Ebel

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